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The Benefits of Facial Massage: A Simple Guide

Everyone knows the benefits of body massage, often referred to as passive exercise. Combined with regular workouts, it helps keep our muscles firm and toned. But what about facial muscles? To keep them in shape, there are a few simple techniques we can practice together.

During the colder months, we tend to spend more time indoors where the air is dry due to heating. This can make our complexion appear pale. Long hours in front of the computer don’t help either. However, if you give yourself a facial massage two to three times a week, you’ll notice your face looking fresher and rosier.

The secret lies in increased blood flow during a massage. This boosts the supply of nutrients to skin cells, improving skin tone, firmness, and reducing puffiness.

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How to do a perfect pedicure at home

pedicure at homeSpring is here – it’s time to bring your feet to perfection. Today let’s talk about the purity and beauty.

On your feet can form calluses and corns, skin can harden. And sometimes, especially during sport exercises, foot can sweat. So it is necessary to wash your feet daily with soap and water.

Additionally, you can make a pedicure. Remember that a pedicure is not just toenails painted by nail polish, but the big hygienic procedure.

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