Caution – Cosmetics!

Your dressing table is replete with production to care for problem skin, but for some reason do not help. What’s the matter?acnes

It looks like you’ve become a victim of “insidious” cosmetics containing substances that contribute to clogging of sebaceous glands – comedones. Acnes and blackheads appear because of them. Sadly but true: most of cosmetics contain these substances. And only a few producers can proudly put on their product labeling “non comedogenic”. “But why?” – You ask.

Because the using of these ingredients can reduce the cost of the production process and improve the appearance of products. Such cosmetics smells good, has a tender texture and well absorbed of the skin. But problems will appear later.

How to protect yourself from danger?

  • First, never buy cheap cosmetics of unknown manufacturers, especially if it is sold on the market.
  • Secondly, as far as possible limit of using the make-up foundation. It contains a lot of comedogenic ingredients. Give preference to powder.
  • Third, try to use low-fat gels and creams. Heavy, oily creams, which contain animal fats, mineral and vegetable oils usually cause acne. But it certainly does not mean you have to completely give up cosmetics containing oil. Useful fatty acids founded in borage oil, black currant, primrose, canola (rapeseed oil), and hips.
  • Fourth, carefully choose lipsticks.

Comedogenic are synthetic red pigments. But the carmine and iron oxides can be trusted – they are safe.

And finally, pay attention to “black” list of ingredients of cosmetics, which can spoil your appearance: acetylated lanolin alcohol, petrolatum, hexylene glycol, hydrogenated vegetable oil, decyl oleate, dimethicone, isoparaffin, izopropillanolat, izopropilmizostearat, isopropyl myristate, isostearic alcohol, lanolin, lanolin acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, myristyl, miristilpropionat, mink oil, oleic acid, oleyl alcohol, paraffin.

Oils: Apricot, peanut, castor oil, coconut oil, corn, sesame, sweet almond oil, olive oil, peach, soybean, wheat germ oil, sandalwood seeds, grapeseed oil and cocoa, mineral oils.