What to do if you have an unusual body shape and feel shy of your body?

Scoliosis is visible in the close-fitting clothes. What should I wear?

To hide the defect, the most important thing to learn how to emphasize your merits. You can find a solution to stop wearing too tight blouses and sweaters, but still wearing a tight-fitting pants and skirts. So, in summer time you can wear a cotton T-shirts, free and wide at the top summer dresses,  for example, sundresses with shoulder-strap, in winter time – jackets.


I have very long arms, thin legs and very broad shoulders and hips. I have an inferiority complex. Please advise me how to dress.

First of all, you should exclude too tight clothes and mini-skirts, jumpers to the waist and wide at the top and narrowed at the bottom trousers. But the free pants, bootcut jeans and skirts below the knee length successfully hide your wide hips. Average heels or platform shoes counterbalance a wide top shape, elongated jacket will cover the hip problem, and the free sweater with a slightly dropped shoulder line makes you slimmer. A good accent can be a top with a V-neck or plunging neckline.

I like my figure, the height and weight seem to be all right. Only one thing worries me – a small breasts. Therefore, in a dress I look very flat. Tell me something.

There is a secret: loose clothing do not increase breasts size but makes it even less expressive. But textured clothing (especially with horizontal stripes) add visual volume. Wear cloth with a small patterns. And finally wear bras that enhance your breasts. As a last resort, use makeup to create the impression of larger breasts. Put a darker shade of foundation than your usual shade where you want shading to go to give the impression of cleavage. Don’t rush it, you’ll feel stupid if somebody realizes that you’ve painted your cleavage on.